Pain under the right rib cage may also be caused by a kidney stone. This is a hard lump made from minerals in your urine that can develop in the right kidney. The medical term for this is nephrolithiasis. Kidney stones are fairly common, with symptoms affecting around 1 in 11 people. They are slightly more common in men than women. Showing 1 - 20 of 102 for pain in right side of stomach. (0.138 seconds) Stinging pain in right side of abdomen. May 27, 2009 ... Abdominal pain and swelling on rib below right breast. Oct 20, 2008. Hernia is painful and often a bulge or swelling may be seen over the abdomen. The bulge increases when lifting weight, coughing, laughing or doing anything that puts a pressure on the abdominal muscles. ... Pain under right side below rib for 2 was mostly when bending or twisting body nothing when sitting. Swelling is just barely enough to be visible when pulling the skin taught. Length - runs from about nipple height to the bottom of the ribs. Location - about 2.5 inches outside the right nipple..

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